Dream Beach. A nice beach, but calling it a dream is somewhat a stretch. The restaurant was nice. And the view.

On the southwestern side of this island, a 10 minute drive from Tenang Villas, where we stayed during our trip to Nusa Lembongan, you will find Dream Beach. The beach is approximately 150 meters long, and looks like a dream. We enjoyed our stay here, but we did not love the beach.

Dream Beach Lembongan

We stayed on Dream Beach on the same day as “dead moon“. Very low tide, made it painful walking into the ocean.

There was a low tide upon our arrival at Dream Beach. That made it more or less impossible to go out into the water. The rocks was either dangerously slippery or painfully to walk on. We took some time to explore the area around the beach, and left after we had enjoyed a (rather) good lunch.

Dream Beach Lembongan

The Dream Beach “has it all“. A large beach. A good restaurant, and small huts if you want to stay the night. Far left on the top of the hill, there are parking space for your moped.

Dream Beach

The restaurant at Dream Beach was very good. Wide variety of food. Very fast and good service. Make sure to grab a table with a view over the beach. But if you plan to stay for long, it might be a better idea to sit “inside” to get a rest from the sun.

Dream Beach Lembongan

Dream Beach Huts looked nice, located next to the restaurant, and with direct access to a large infinity pool overlooking the beach and the Indian Ocean.



An attraction, but not too attractive

We had a nice visit at Dream Beach, mostly because of the lunch we ate here. Dream Beach is a popular attraction on Lembongan, but I must admit we found both Mushroom Bay and Coconut Beach to be much nicer. It could be that the low tide was the reason we did not enjoy it more. Or the name. Dream commits, and the beach did not live up to its name. The restaurant was fairly good. And very busy. The huts looked very nice, but we did not have a look inside.

The combination, however, of the restaurant, the infinity pool, the sun beds and the small huts make Dream Beach a really “cosy” place… to stay I don’t know, but definitely for a short visit.

Having said that, Tenang Villas, The Deck and Coconut beach beats Dream Beach on any day.