Moalii is Marianne’s and Hans-Petter’s website, where we share all the stuff we like and love.

Welcome to Moalii. Our website where we share all the stuff we like and love. From hotels to beaches. From interior to technology. All that we share on Moalii are based on our own experience with either a product we bought, a restaurant we visited or a place we went on holiday.

Who we are

Marianne and Hans-Petter met over the internet in 2001. Got a pair of twins in 2006, and got married in 2007. Marianne comes from Tromsø, which is located far up north in Norway (where the northern lights comes from). Hans-Petter is from Sandefjord, south of Norway, but they live together in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Marianne is head of marketing and communications at a successful restaurant group called Fursetgruppen, whereas Hans-Petter runs his own company where he primarily works with digital marketing and communications.

Marianne has a passion for food, fashion and travel. Hans-Petter has a similar passion for “all things digital”. Moalii is where their passions meet. Moalii is where they share all the stuff they like and love. Such as their love for Bali during the summer, or New York “when ever”. Or just a new gadget or something nice to decorate their house with.


Married in Tromsø 07-07-07

You’re welcome

One of our favorite places to visit in the world, is Bali. We love the island and all the smaller islands surrounding Bali. We love the chaos and tranquility, even though it can be too much sometimes also. We adore the balinese people. Their culture and all they and their island have to offer.

Moali means “your welcome” in balinese. The extra i in Moalii is to emphasize I – the personal touch we strive to bring to the stories we share on Moalii.

Our goal with Moalii is to inspire you to perhaps visit the same hotels or restaurants. Relax at some of the beaches we have enjoyed, and perhaps buy some of the stuff we have bought – for business and pleasure.

Commercial website

We would never recommend a place to visit or a product to buy, if we did not stand by it 100%. We can off course not guarantee that you will feel the same, or have the same experience as we did. In many of the stories we share, you will find links to the respective product or place we have shared. In many cases the links we share are based on an affiliate program. This means we will earn a small commission if your click turns into an order.

As you perhaps have seen, we are also showing you some ads on Moalii. Hopefully they are relevant to both what Moalii is all about, and thus for you. This we can not however guarantee. We have tried to only include ads from what we belive is relevant categories from Googles advertising solution, but there is no such thing as “100% relevant”. As many are using Ad Block to reduce the number of commercial messages they are being exposed for, we hope you will accept that we try to make some money out of these ads, in order to justify the amount of work we put into making Moalii a “go to place” for tips and inspiration that you will find valuable.

Best regards, Marianne & Hans-Petter