Letting THE THIEF hotel in Oslo steal your money might be the best thing that has happened to you. Regardless of business or pleasure.

I live in Oslo, so staying at a hotel in the same city might sound “strange”. But being a guest and a tourist in your “own” city is wonderful. Since THE THIEF opened up in 2013, I have stayed here many times. Mostly for a day or two during the weekend, but also in the middle of the week. To combine business and pleasure. THE THIEF THE THIEF is a luxury design hotel, where comfort, discretion and customer service is something you will feel from the moment you arrive, until it’s time to leave. Nothing is left to chance.


Taking a break from work, looking out the window from 7th floor.

THE THIEF is located in Tjuvholmen, Oslo. Next to its “older neighbour” Aker Brygge, surrounded by office building, apartments and restaurants and bars. And with the fjord just a “stone’s throw” away.


View from my favorite room at THE THIEF. 7th floor.


Arriving at THE THIEF

For business and pleasure

I have had several business meetings at THE THIEF. Both big and small. I’ve used the hotel as my “home office” as well. In some extent I like to refer THE THIEF as my second home.


I arranged for a small group of people to enjoy staying in one of THE THIEFs meeting room for a day, in what we called #THIEFKONTORET. Home office for a day.


Everything looks great at THE THIEF. Everything IS great at THE THIEF.

Big spacious rooms, with incredible beds

Did you forget your socks? No problem. You will find that in your drawer. Did you forget your toothbrush? No problem. They got you covered. Want to sleep like you’ve never slept before? You will at THE THIEF. Their bed is huge, and once you wake up, you never want to leave. THE THIEF And if you have to leave, just do it for a short while – to fix yourself a good cup of coffee. THE THIEF Roomservice is available 24 hours. If you don’t feel like a coffee, perhaps a beer would make your day? THE THIEF Then again, you should actually get up, because you don’t want to miss out on their incredible breakfast. THE THIEF


The breakfast is served on the 1st floor. Don’t expect your typical hotel breakfast. Only the best. Have them make your favorite omelet. Rough night? Try out one of their energy drinks. The breakfast is probably what I almost like the most. Just make sure you have enough time to enjoy it.

The same place you eat breakfast, is also used for lunch and dinner. THE THIEF

Want to enjoy a nice meal looking with an even nicer view?


Take the elevator up to 9th floor, and have a drink or a meal. At the same time enjoy the nice view over the fjord and Oslo.


Spectacular drinks

THE THIEF also have a spectacular bar on the ground floor, where not only the drinks are incredible. So are also the glasses you drink from. THE THIEF THE THIEF

Arts and decoration all over the place

THE THIEF is really a stunning hotel. The atmosphere is quiet. Lights are down. You will feel at ease once you set your foot inside. And you just wish you’d booked your room for just one more day. THE THIEF THE THIEF THE THIEF

THE THIEF hates to see you leave

If you live in Oslo, there is really no reason why you should not stay (at least) one night at THE THIEF. And if you live outside, and are planning a stay in Oslo, you should definitely consider staying at THE THIEF – for both business and pleasure.

Book your stay at THE THIEF through Booking.com. Here you will see more pictures and read more about the hotel. THE THIEF is definitely one of my favorite hotels of all time – in and outside of Oslo, Norway.