My wife’s family is from Tromsø, so I don’t stay too often at hotels when visiting. Unless it’s for business off course. Then I always prefer staying at The Edge.

I’ll be honest. I haven’t stayed too many times at The Edge. But if I am visiting Tromsø, and not staying with my family, I always sleep over here. Perfect location. Fresh and nice rooms. Great breakfast, and a beautiful view over Tromsdalen where my family lives.

There are many hotels to chose from when visiting Tromsø. The only choice for me is The Edge.

The Edge

Nice bedrooms, with even nicer view. Easy to go to bed, harder to get out. The Arctic Cathedral in the background.

The Edge

The Edge is perfectly located on “Tromsø island”, with the legendary Skarven restaurant and pub as closest neighbor. In the background you’ll see Langnes Airport.

The Edge

The Edge is located far down on the left.

Get the same view when visiting Tromsø

Even though The Edge is a nice hotel, and Tromsø city is a nice play to walk around in, you should find time to see the whole city. And the best place to do that, is from the top of Storsteinen. You can walk, or take the cable car to Fjellheisen.

I am sorry I haven’t taken more photos from The Edge. Will definitely do so during my next visit. In the meantime you can find more pictures and information about The Edge from, where you can book a room at the same time.