Amber is your perfect companion for your Apple Watch when you are out traveling.

When i travel back and forth on the same day, I don’t have to worry about my Apple Watch “dying” on me. Even if I stay overnight I am usually okay. As long as I remember to leave home with the Watch fully charged. But for longer trips, business or pleasure, whenever I take my Apple Watch with me, I always bring my Amber charger along.

Charges your Watch 6 times

Amber protects and charge your Apple Watch. And it looks nice. So nice it actually won an iF Design Reward in 2016. It is simple to use. Just “leave” your Watch in the Amber, and you are good to go.

Apple Watch

It even comes with a 3800omAh battery. A fully charged Amber can charge my Apple Watch 6 times. And with the included USB-port on the back, it can also charge your iPhone – or other devices you bring along.

Apple Watch

I bought mine when Amber was a part of Kickstarter. You can get yours from Amazon at only 79 USD.