Google Chromecast is a very cheap and easy-to-use media streaming device. Perfect for the home, but also to bring along on your holiday.

Chromecast is a small device made for media streaming to a TV. It might be your TV in your living room, bedroom or kitchen. But due to its ease-of-use and small form factor, the Chromecast is a perfect little gadget to bring along on your holiday. Plug it into the hotel TV, and enjoy watching a Netflix-movie from your iPhone, iPad, Android-device or any laptop.


Very cheap, and very easy

Although I am a sucker for Apple products, I never bother to bring with me an Apple TV when going on holiday. At home I have also plugged in a Google Chromecast to each TV. That way I can tell my Google Home to play a “cat video” on YouTube on the TV in the living room…if I want to. With regards to the price, Chromecast costs a fraction of what you have to pay for an Apple TV 4th generation.

Where Apple TV 4th generation costs xx USD, the Chromecast costs less than 45 USD. This model is limited to 1080p resolution. If you want it to handle 4K, the you should check out Chromecast Ultra.

What you need to get Chromecast to “play” is a TV with a HDMI-port. And wifi. Everything you need is in the box – with the exception of wifi, and the device used to stream video.


The USB-cable is needed to power your Chromecast. If there is a USB-port in the TV, you can plug it in there. Otherwise use the socket (mine is from Norway) to give it “life”.

Once the Chromecast is “turned on”, follow the instructions on your TV. You may also download the Google Home app, and install it from there.


Look for the streaming sign


Apps such as Netflix, HBO, YouTube and many others support Chromecast directly. Start whatever movie you want to watch on Netflix, click the “streaming sign” and you are done.

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and you want to see the web browser on the TV, Safari does not support Chromecast as such. For that I downloaded MomoCast from App Store.

You can buy Chromecast from

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