Moodo is a smart diffuser that you control from your smartphone. Looks great, smells even greater.

Want your house to smell like a coffee house? Or a breeze from the beach? Or just like a citrus? With Moodo – The smart home fragrance box, you can do just that!

I was one of the “backers” of Moodo, back in January 2017, when I pre-ordered a Moodo box through Indiegogo. All together they managed to get over 200,000 USD worth of backers, and 11th of October DHL knocked on my door and handed me – finaly – my Moodo box.


How it works

After unboxing the Moodo, you plug it in using the power-supply. The Moodo has its own battery, and can run for 7 hours once it has been fully charged, so you can move it around where ever you want. Or buy more Moodo’s if you want to have the whole house to smell just like you want it to.

Follow the simple guide to connect your Moodo to your wireless network, and then adjust the fragrance just as you want it. You can adjust the four fragrances just as you like – from your smartphone, where several Moodo’s can be installed. You don’t have to use your phone though. Moodo can be controlled and scents can be adjusted directly from the Moodo.


There are many different fragrances to chose from – you can make over 400.000 different scents with the Moodo. When I received my Moodo, it came with eight capsules, each with different scents. Each capsule should last for approximately 60 days, if you keep the “volume” on 50%.

And if you want to wake up to a certain fragrance in your bedroom, you can also schedule to have a Moodo to be turned on and off. Right from the very easy user interface on the Moodo application on your smartphone. If you have an Amazon Echo installed, you can also ask Alexa to turn it on for you.


As of now the backers are receiving their Moodo’s.

Check out Moodo’s website for more information about price and availability.