Sudo’s selfie stick can place your smartphone horizontally and vertically. It acts as both a monopod and a tripod, and has removable remote control with Bluetooth support.

Just admit it; You take photos and movies of your self using a selfie stick too. And if you do not already do so, you should seriously consider whether or not you should. And no matter what selfie stick you currently have –  Sudo’s selfie stick “blows the fillets” of them all.

Many horizontal, few vertical

There is no lack of selfie sticks that can shoot or take pictures horizontally. However, as the growing use of Instagram Story, Instagram TV, Snapchat and Facebook via our smartphone, it’s becoming increasingly important to post your content vertically.

And a selfie stick that has support for placing your smartphone vertically is hard to find. I ended up with Sudo’s selfie stick that I bought on Amazon. 20 USD for 1 stick, but for 12 USD more extra you get an extra.

selfie stick

The Sudo selfie stick supports your smartphone placed both horizontally and vertically.

selfie stick


Tripod and wireless remote control

I have picked up a couple of tripods over the years. For pictures that may be taken over a little distance between you and your camera/smartphone. Longer than what your traditional selfie stick allows. Sudo’s selfie stick is not just a monopod, but a tripod as well. And take pictures at a distance.  With the smartphone placed either vertically or horizontally, you can also take off the Bluetooth-based remote control so that you can with ease take as many photos as you want, instead of depending on the smartphone’s timer.

selfie stick

The remote control is easily charged with a micro-USB cable. And the cable is included.

Not too long

The only thing I might find a bit negative about the Sudo selfie stick is the length. While my old selfie stick stretches well over the meter, Sudo stops at 60 cm. Almost half. That said, there are so many positive things about Sudo’s selfie stick, that it makes up for coming short as far as the limited length.

Great value for money

I ended up buying 2-pack’n for Sudo. 32.88 USD via Amazon. That is just a great value for money, taking into account that you get the opportunity to shoot vertically, not only horizontally. And the detachable remote control. The Sudo selfie stick is by far the best one I have used so far.